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Advantages of Video Marketing


The World Wide Web is a collection of millions of websites and if you want your website to gain success, you must do what it takes to increase the rank and popularity of your website. There are many different methods to do the digital marketing of a website and one of the newest methods is video marketing. The name itself defines video marketing that is using videos for marketing purpose. Videos such as explainer videos, customer testimonials, how to do videos, corporate training videos, viral videos etc. are used for the marketing of your products and services.
Using videos totally changes the marketing experience as it is totally different from still images and plain text. A video can interact with the viewer more efficiently and it is much simpler to understand. Here are some advantages of video marketing-

Video helps in sales
There are many ways to describe your product in an e-commerce website. You can use simple text or images for the description purpose but if you use a video for describing your product, it can manipulate the customer to buy it. According to a research, around 57% of online customers buy the product after watching its video. A video can describe a product more efficiently than plain text or pictures.

One of the best way to SEO
If you are trying to increase your click-through rates, search engine ranking, conversions, and open rates then the best thing you can do is uploading your video to a social media platform such as YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google and if proper tagging and linking are done with the video, it can help your SEO.

Best way to gain attention
If you are scrolling on a web page then there is a possibility that you miss the vital information given on the page. Plain text and pictures are ignored by most of the consumers while surfing the websites. But if we add an interactive video on the webpage then it will automatically grab the attention of the customer.

Video increases the effectiveness of the advertisement
It is very easy for the audience to scroll down your advertisement picture or close your pop-up ads if they are not interested in it. Video ads can be a good option because they will grab the attention of the consumer and the probability of clicking on the ad will increase.

It’s a onetime investment
You have to make the video only once and it will help you in marketing your products and services for years. According to a research after adding an explainer video on the landing page of a website can increase the sales up to 80 percent. Customers don’t want professionally made videos, a simple video made from a cell phone is enough if it describes the product efficiently.

Video marketing is in existence since the invention of television broadcasting. It is widely used by different websites all over the world and can be a good option for marketing your website too.

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