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August 23, 2017
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How to Increase Traffic & Visibility via Social Media


If you consider the flow of traffic to your website, social media has to be among the top 3 sources. For many websites it is more important than search engine as well as direct traffic. It all boils down to the fact on how much traffic you are able to generate from social media posts. Taking into consideration all these factors, hereby a strategy is devised that will help you to increase traffic and visibility to your website via the social media platform

Rely on the use of high conversion keywords

In social media, certain keywords garner more attention than others. More exposure and clicks is provided by them. When you use them in an intelligent manner in your social media, the effectiveness along with visibility of your posts is enhanced.

Your reach can be expanded with hastags

It is quiet common that you might have come across different hastags for social media updates or posts. With the help of hastags you can expand the reach of your posts beyond your set customers and get new people on board. In the midst of all this you can go on to create social media discussions, trends or chats which find its use in a wide range of purposes as well. When you use one or two hastags it is bound to increase the effectiveness of your social media postings, and enable you with more conversions or traffic.

Try to incorporate more visual content to engage the audience

You would need to admit that social media by nature is designed for visual content. It tends to attract more responses and for this reason you include images, diagrams as visual content is more appealing to the audience. The statistics are a testimony to this fact that visual content draws in more audience.

Concise and short updates need to be provided

This is contrary to popular belief that shorter update has more levels of engagement on social media networks when compared to the longer ones. One of the reasons could be that social media updates tend to have shorter attention time span and users do not have time to read the long posts.

Identification of the top performing content

Driving conversions or traffic from social media websites does not rely on random techniques. You would need to identify the right channels where you are sending social media traffic. In short, the content that has the highest number of engagement levels. In fact the pages on your content can be amplified to bring about more social engagement

To conclude, driving traffic along with conversions via social media may involve a combination of your tweaks, but in certain cases it may also require you to make some structural changes to your website as well. In addition to this you would need to keep a close watch on which content is performing better and how it can be worked upon to increase your social media engagement.
If you can get this right, then you are in the correct path

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