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How to Use Semantic Search For Better Ranking

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SEO is improving day by day. But the competition is getting tougher.

Every new update in Search engine affects website ranking.

Here we are unveiling important information about Semantic SEO, to help you achieve the better outcomes from your efforts.

Now we all want to know “What is Semantic SEO??”

SEO is all about relevance and the term Semantic SEO is completely focused on the contextual relevance. It is a technique to discover various meanings of your text. It provides the all meaningful results for your query, even if the retrieved result doesn’t contain the searched keyword. On the whole, Semantic SEO is a relevance based strategy.

Read the definition given for semantic search by Tamas Doszkocs of WebLib:

“Semantic search is a search or a question or an action that produces meaningful results, even when the retrieved items contain none of the query terms, or the search involves no query text at all.”

Most of us are worried about the rankings after the introduction of semantic search. So let’s take this discussion one step ahead.

It is true that keyword focused content is not going to sustain in the long run. But it provides a golden chance to meaningful content. The two major benefits for a well-written content are:

  • Easy to rank on various keywords.
  • Stability of keyword ranking for a longer period of time.

It is advised to deliver the content that follows Google guidelines for better ranking.

How to create content as per Semantic SEO?

  • Try to understand the mentality of the users. It is important to understand what users are looking for, in the content and why they are searching for the content. Cover all important aspects of the topic and make a fully-fledged content piece that can satisfy the readers.
  • Properly analyze the SERP’s hints before creating content. Sections like “related to search” and “people also ask” can open a sea of ideas for the writer. To sustain the competition try to answer every minor query that can arise in the mind of a user while reading your content.

Keyword Research and Writing Strategy:

Stick to the traditional methods for Keyword research. You can use any research tool of your choice and start exploring the keyword spectrum.

Select the “Broad term” that would be the main keyword you are focusing on and “Expanded term” that is the generally recommended to the services you are offering.

Start building your content around the focused keyword according to semantic SEO. Keep the following points in your mind while writing content. Make a strategy that how you are going to:

  • Frame the issues you are trying to address.
  • Provide complete solution for the issues.
  • Address additional tips and tricks for users.
  • Discuss the hidden facts or problems that users should take care of.

Get Better place than the first position:

Semantic search is very helpful to attain a place higher than the first position. It can help you to earn the featured snippet that is a totally fresh concept of SERP’s algorithm.

The informative content is the key to achieve better ranking in semantic SEO.


The relevant, unique, and problem-solving content is the only way to stand out from others and helps you to maintain your position for a long time.

Solve issues that other cannot.

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