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August 16, 2017
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August 31, 2017

Top Reasons Why SEO is still Alive


Make the Most Out of SEO and See Your Local Business Grow and Thrive

The general consensus is that SEO is far from dead. But truth is that old tactics are falling by wayside, and as this situation occurs a new pattern of SEO needs to be welcomed. The concept of SEO is different from the way it was say five years ago and in this blog you will have a better idea on how it has matured. If you want to strive in an evolving industry, pay due considerations to the below mentioned information on your SEO agenda.

  • If you think about SEO as isolation, it will provide you a clear path
  • First and foremost, do not place yourself in an SEO box, as you will have a broader picture on what needs to be achieved. If you are considered about SEO targets or goals, then you will only get that.

    Instead change your focus to broader activities like what is the vision of the company? What are the marketing objectives? When you have a clear cut picture, you can have a path on how SEO can add value and how it can support various marketing activities of the brand. Opportunities are also provided on how you can work in consortium with other brands.

  • Success parameters have moved on
  • The campaign success of SEO would be measured, by the links you built and how many keywords made its way into the top 10 search engines like Google. But the truth is that this means nothing for the top brass management. In modern days, KPI’s needs to be aligned with business goals such as enhancing your online portfolio by 15 % or increasing the customer base by 10 %. Measuring ranking numbers is just a proxy of success. On a general note, do not hang on to ranking improvements witnessed in the last quarter

  • Better user experience is a part and parcel of SEO
  • A general trend is that poorly developed websites are difficult to navigate when you compare them to a well-developed website. This involves on page optimization along with conversion rate optimization. This means that the users are engaged, whereas all those elements that go on to create a bad experience for the users is removed. This could be in the form of low page down speed and high bounce rates. All these issues can be addressed by an organization with user testing.

  • Keep in line with the times by being in touch with search innovations
  • The basic modus operandi of a well-informed SEO is to be up to date with what is happening in the industry. You can follow industry blogs such as Google, Moz as each of these website provides a plethora of information. Not only official word is provided from the search engines, you will get an idea or tips about the tried and tested tricks. If you are aware of the difference that exists between canonical tags, schema mark and have knowledge on how to set up a geo targeting for an international website, then all these websites can help you make a great start.

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