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Why choose WordPress to develop your company’s website


According to a study, about 26% of total websites on the internet is backed by WordPress. It is one of the most popular CMS in the world. In fact, a large number of Fortune 500 companies have selected WordPress for their websites; The Walt Disney, TechCrunch, Official Sweden website, the New York Times and Sony Music are WordPress websites to name a few.

Wondering what makes this CMS so popular amongst businesses and developers alike? Let’s take a quick rundown the top advantages of choosing WordPress to develop your company website or an online store.

10 benefits of choosing WordPress for your website development

  1. Operating a website can’t be easier anymore
  2. Although you may have no prior knowledge or experience in operating a content management system (CMS), you won’t find any difficulty using a WordPress based website. It’s user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy for you to upload, edit and add content on own.

  3. A wide pool of web designs to choose from
  4. WordPress community offers thousands of ready-made and ready-to-use web design templates, so you are sure to find one that best matches your business niche. Make sure you choose a responsive template for your site as websites have seen dramatic increase in mobile traffic in last few years.

  5. Mobile-friendly themes
  6. You will find a plenty of WordPress themes that are mobile-friendly.  The visual appeal and readability of your website will remain intact regardless if it is accessed from desktop PCs, mobile phones or tablets.

  7. Less development time
  8. With numerous templates and themes available off-the-shelf and easy installation procedure, WordPress development needs very less time compared to other web development options. Once installed on a hosting server, you can start operating it within a short time.

  9. Google likes it too!
  10. WordPress has very simplified source code that makes it easy for Google’s crawlers to index WordPress website content. What’s more, WordPress allows you write SEO-friendly meta-tag, title and description for all web pages and all blogs in your website.

    There is an in-built search function for all pages of your website. You can also create custom URL with target SEO keyword for each page. WordPress plugins also help you improve your website’s SEO rankings. In short, there are a number of ways WordPress helps your site be found in search engine results.

  11. It’s affordable!
  12. WordPress is an open-source, meaning free CMS, so you need not to pay license fee. Besides, there is a large number of premium themes and templates are available at a very affordable cost.  The popularity of WordPress development and thus availability of resources are other factors that keep the development cost low.

  13. It is secure
  14. There are so many top-notch security plugins for WordPress that can protect your website from malicious requests. Also, updates are constantly rolled out improving the security level of WordPress websites.

  15. It is scalable
  16. The core code of WordPress is highly scalable. WordPress developers consistently introduce new updates for the software. You can choose to auto-install new versions of WordPress with your website.

  17. It has a vast community
  18. To be precise, WordPress has the biggest community amongst all content management systems. You will find thousands of free as well as paid plugins and themes on its official website. With so many active developers, online tutorials or guides out there, you can easily stay in sync with the latest updates. You may find that most of your concerns are already addressed by one or other pro WordPress developer.

  19. Need a blog? It has got it too!
  20. When you choose WordPress to build your website, setting up a blog page with all required filters doesn’t need exclusive efforts. WordPress was originally launched as a blogging platform and over time it has emerged as a full-fledge CMS. Yet, it still has excellent blogging capabilities.

A Professional web development company can not only help you create a bespoke WordPress website for your business but also provide you ongoing assistance for website maintenance and upgrade services.

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