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June 21, 2018
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July 23, 2018

Voice Search – Know more to type NO more !


Google now updates it algorithm more frequently than ever; a never ending process. While other search engines follow the footsteps, the leader is as fast as making 500 changes every year. The change in trend signifies the right time to switch to Voice Query – A type of two way interaction that will widely affect the way SEO is handled.


Understanding the future potential of Voice Search and SEO, Online marketing experts are tweaking their marketing techniques to yield higher results. Let’s looks at many answers to one question, WHY VOICE SEARCH

  • Voice query technologies – Working in a unique way A touch at the microphone button makes it easier than ever to search without using all your energy to type out long. A reduced effort with effective search results is what defines the Voice Search.
  • An increased Mobile-friendly search alternative
    The penetration of smart phone manufacturers along with the constant updates both, models and operating system has given the power in the hand of users. It’s an easier alternative to multi processed typed search query. Prior to this, google updated its algorithm with Mobile First Indexing to suit the users that used mobile over desktop for search a content. To our surprise, more than 50% of tech savvy millennial and Gen Z from USA uses voice search to its effectiveness.


  • Long-tail keywords gaining higher importance

    Effective use of common phrases during voice search has reduced the relevance of short-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords provide better search results through SEO and will mark the futuristic voice search technology.



    • Meaningful Linguistic Approach
      While the typed search is more about usage of shorter words to avoid mammoth typing, the newer approach is more towards the clarity in speech and use of better language for more accurate search results. The linguistic change along with the words will require the SEO experts to take a different approach for better optimization of the voice searched query.The refined programming has reduced the error rate with increased language effectiveness for more relevant results making it an interesting time and knowledge investment avenue for smart marketers.
    • An increased importance of directory listing
      Most of the customers look for online customer reviews before making a purchase decision from a local business. The vendors are required to list their business in Google’s My Business and various other directories like JustDial with more relevant images and business details like address which refers to proximity, website details for a better marketing strength, product description and other such information that increases search relevance.
    • Use of Phrase for framing question
      The typed search that aimed at phrase usage, while the voice search has increased importance of prefix ‘why’, ‘when’, ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘where’ that will have a larger impact in a way the results will be displayed to better suit the voice query. Developing an FAQ page can give an extra edge for better suited voice search approach.
    • Adopting a standardized technology
      Although the voice search technology will bring at the SEO on table to increase their efforts, it will yield positive results for customers. The impact will be greater with reduced efforts, better speech, and more fast & accurate results. This will have a higher rate of meeting the personalized and brand needs with enormous availability of data available at helm.
    • Updating the Hummingbird of Google
      A recent update in Hummingbird majorly focuses on semantic search, and that will help in precise result for the information search; with well organized phrases and sentences. With amendment in over 200 factors, it will change the way searched information is being displayed. This will give the power in the hands of SEO expert, content writers and marketers that produces qualitative information and get rid of unwanted information across the digital space.
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