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April 19, 2014
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April 19, 2014

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Milk Palace is a retail store based in Surat, India serving its clients with wide variety of dairy products and sweets.


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To develop mobile application for iPhone and Android environment so that customers can shop online.


We arranged a series of meetings with client to understand how their business works, their target customers and their preference regarding app design. Our team came up with a web design that was quite visually appealing. We developed an app that made easy for customers to order dairy products and sweets online with hassle-free payment system integration. We made sure app represented the values and quality of their business.


  • 32% increase in number of customers within first 2 months
  • 75% jump in sales queries
  • Higher penetration in the market
  • Brand value became stronger than before
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Broader picture available based on demand-supply chain

Mobile app could get access to larger customer base and it also helped them plan better strategy for future. It became much more convenient for customers as their favorite sweets and dairy products were just a click away!

32% traffic increase

75% jump in sales

250% ROI

Joheb Virani

“Each level of Eminent is engaged and available whenever we need them. The expertise that they brought to the table have enabled us to release a product that was more than what we could have dreamt of. Their ability to suggest and implement solutions to difficult problems whether in design, workflow, usability or functionality has enabled us to meet our customers’ demand and enhance our business operations.”

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